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Dr. Deonte Moss

Author | Educator | Community Activist

Dr. Deonte Moss, born in Ohio and an alumnus of Springfield High School in Holland, Ohio, has overcome many challenges from a young age. His experiences have paved the way for numerous opportunities to encourage and motivate at-risk youth.

After graduating from high school, Deonte attended the University of Toledo, where he studied Communications and Theatre. Due to his superb performance, Deonte was chosen to represent the University of Toledo, which granted him the opportunity to travel the world while working with children on military bases in Germany. During his time in Germany, Deonte developed curricula that inspired and motivated youth to cope with challenges arising from absent parents. With his engaging and charismatic personality, Deonte implemented effective skill-building lesson plans, fostering positive relationships that promoted character development and educational growth among the youth.

In 2007, Deonte co-founded Life Institute LLC. Through Life Institute, he developed the PUSH Program, which was implemented at Leverette Elementary School in Toledo, Ohio. Deonte served as the liaison between students, parents, teachers, and the community, enhancing communication and equipping students with social skills to aid in reducing suspensions and encouraging prosocial behavior within the community. Supported by the YMCA, Deonte's programs and organizations have been highlighted by several journalists and news stations throughout his 20 years of service.

As a youth advocate and community leader, Deonte believes in using his life experiences to uplift and inspire community members to overcome all obstacles. He has dedicated his life to instilling hope and is a dynamic motivational speaker who captivates his audience and effectively communicates his objectives.


  • PUSHed (Pray Until Something Happens Everyday)

  • From Foster Care to Dr.

  • Building Resilience in At-Risk Youth

  • OATH

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Dr. Moss facilitated a character development group for youth boys from the juvenile justice system at Peace of Mind Group Home in Racine, Wisconsin. Each boy received a copy of Dr. Moss's book prior to meeting him and they couldn't put it down. To this day, the boys reflect back on their meeting Dr. Moss and the impact he made on them. Dr. Moss changed their mindset to reach higher!

Dr. Arletta Frazier / Owner / Peace of Mind Group Home

Deonte Moss is the definition of good and true character, matched with a dose of integrity that truly is unmeasurable in today's society. In February 2022, I reached out to him to be a speaker at my entrepreneur empowerment event. Eight months later I am still in awe of the man that I have grown to know and love and am honored to call friend. Deonte's story is the story of a kid, who against all odds, pulled himself up out of poverty, over all obstacles and adversity placed before him to become a phenomenal man. Mr. Moss represents, for so many, hope, ambition, perseverance, and hard work - a modern day superhero.

Kenneth Johnson / CEO / Motivating Greatness


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